“There is something very special for me about working with silver; it is like an adventure and I keep discovering new ways to achieve the results I have in mind.”

The “Modern Maestro” German–born designer, Agnes Seebass, creates her signature jewelry in silver by combining techniques that include forging, oxidizing, chiseling, texturing, and sanding.

After studying jewelry design and technique in Germany, Agnes was awarded a scholarship to study silver smithing at the Los Castillo workshop in Taxco Viejo.  She opened her first workshop in Taxco in 1993.

“Normally I do not draw a design. I work directly with the metal.  All of my pieces are 100% handmade.  Every design is hand hammered and hand fabricated.  For me, pieces made by hand and with patience have a very different feeling than any mass-produced piece. I think that my designs are a mixture of German and Mexican culture. In part the forms of Mexican nature and contrasts inspire me and on the other hand I like the simple geometric forms – and of course I have a German passion for precise handcraftsmanship.”