Here are new Artist that we now feature in our shop!

Agnes Seebass

The “Modern Maestro” German–born designer, Agnes Seebass, creates her signature jewelry in silver by combining techniques that include forging, oxidizing, chiseling, texturing, and sanding.

Amber Beata

“My jewelry is unique like me-not trendy, always classic, and unlike anything you’ve experienced. The woman who wears my creations is complex. She is soft and feminine, original, and bold and likes her accessories to make a statement.”

Amy Torello

Embracing both traditional hand-crafting skills as well as modern technologies, Amy strives to create something that both empowers and brings true joy to the women who wear her collections.

Annabel Humber

Trees, flowers, and insects all take on lyrical qualities in her distinctively styled designs.

Antonio Pineda

Internationally renowned Mexican modernist designer/silversmith who was known for his bold and striking designs.

Guillermo Arregui

Guillermo’s designs have evolved as has his interest in implementing new and different techniques of metalwork. His love of metals–silver, as well as copper and gold–and of natural stones have further inspired his evolution as a designer.

Hector Aguilar

Hector Aguilar opened the Taller Borda in 1939 and it became one of the most successful workshops in Taxco as Aguilar became one of the most important designers.

Ignacio Nacho Gomez

Ignacio ”Nacho” Gomez is an awarding winning designer for not only his work in silver jewelry but in silver sculpture as well. 

Juan Hernandez

By sourcing sustainable materials, dyes and finishes that are not only beautiful but highly usable. Juan Hernandez creates stunning designs, in horn, bone and leather.Juan, a Colombian-born expatriate who calls Atlanta home, is on the road three months of the year collaborating with studios, tanners, craftsmen, manufacturers, and factories across three continents. He has cultivated [...]

Lou Guerin

Lou comes from Brittany, the Celtic part of France. He started his world exploration at age 17. Beginning with Paris and from there Mexico, Ibiza, Spain, Morocco, New Zealand and finally Bali, refining his skills and craft.

Lou Zeldis

Taking the simplest of raw gems, black wood, uncut diamonds, Japanese river pebbles, seashells. No two pieces are alike, as they are created from ancient, archaic, and modern materials of both common and uncommon nature.

Margot de Taxco

Margot van Voorhies moved to Mexico in 1937. She eventually found her way to Taxco, at the time a center for artists and bon vivants. It was in Taxco, that she met and married Antonio Castillo.

Maria Belen Nilson

The rich tapestry which is Mexico, its people, and its culture inspire my designs.

Mariella Pilato

Mariella’s Italian heritage has influenced her work considerably-myths, mythic creatures, history and ancient arts all influence her work. All of her work is beautifully crafted by hand.

Momo Mordant

Momo Mordant, a native Londoner, has been refining his craft for over 20 years. His work is an eclectic blend of contemporary and tribal styles, somehow bold and timeless. He developed a passion for gemstones while exploring caves as a teenager, discovering underground caverns full of crystals. He went on to study as a silversmith [...]

Oaxaca Filigree

Filigree is a delicate kind of metalwork, usually of gold and silver, made with tiny beads or twisted threads, or both in combination

Pat Lert

Artist from Thailand

Sasha Bell

Blending an ornately patterned aesthetic with a modern template, Sasha’s process draws inspiration from richly textured details found in nature, fractals, and primitive jewelry construction.

Sema Sezen

Sema Sezen has created a distinctive contemporary line of fine, handmade jewelry in sterling silver and vermeil. Her pieces are modern,yet timeless and elegant.

Sigi Pineda

Sigi is responsible for influencing the Mexican-Modernism art movement and creating a style so distinct that people identify his work immediately.

Teresa Camino

Inspired by Mexico’s early architectural forms and cultural iconography, Teresa designed a line of jewelry that interpreted her heritage in a modern vernacular.

William Spratling

Known as “The Father of Contemporary Mexican Silver” and one of the most important designers of 20th century jewelry, expatriate William Spratling’s work remains as unforgettable today as it was when it was created.